About CCJ Conservatory

About CCJ Conservatory
Daniel Gaymon in Cats

2017 - CCJ Conservatory alumni Daniel Gaymon dancing in CATS on Broadway.

Nationally Recognized Dance Education!

CCJ Conservatory is an exciting facility where you can be assured that proper dance training is taken seriously. We have a diverse staff and feature dance classes in lyrical and modern jazz, pre-ballet, Pointe, and tap for the beginning dancer starting at ages 3, all the way up to advanced training for the pre-professional, including Graham, Horton, and Limón modern technique, looking to audition for a college dance degree or start for a professional career in dance.

Notable Awards

Our Graduates and Alumni

Our entire graduating class of 2017 successfully auditioned for college dance programs around the country, and others a at various stages of study in noted college programs:

In addition to our students attending college, we're very proud of the accomplishments of our alumni! Recent news includes:

There is a difference when you take dance at CCJC! We have an all-adult staff and have developed unique teaching methods to insure that even the youngest dancer properly learns the basics and dance terminology and has a GREAT time doing so!