CCJ Conservatory Visits The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Tuesday, August 1st - The Great Wall of China

Today the group leaves to visit the Great Wall of China. Dale is a little under the weather though and sadly, I stay behind to take care of her. The group reports that the scenery was breath-taking. I'm very sorry to have missed it.

The Great Wall is about 3,950 miles in length, and is call "Wan Li Chang Cheng", or "Ten-thousand Li Wall". Chinese writers often liken the wall to an old dragon, with the eastern end called "Lao Lng Tou", or "Old Dragon's Head".

Original construction on the wall, build to protect against hostile invaders from the north, started as early as the seventh century B.C. and continued for several hundred years. Ultimately, the Great Wall was a spectacular failure with incursions that established the Jin (Jurchen), Yuan (Mogols), and Qing (Manchu) dynasties.

Everyone arrives back at the resort just in time for rain! Our show is rained out at the last minute in the evening.

Special thanks to Kate for the Great Wall pics!